Motorcycle trailers


The Eaglemate trailer is a unique trailer in every aspect, from its radical design to its patented quick change hitch.  This DOT approved trailer is a rugged all steel frame with a 20" O.D. tire and a 400 LB. load bearing capacity that itself exceeds any motorcycle manufacturers recommendations. The angular design uses basic physics and the lever concept (similar to a wheel barrow) to keep most of the load on the rear wheel and very little tongue weight on the

motorcycle itself. It also features its own center stand,

running and stop light, as well as wire guard protected

signals and side markers.








The hitch is simple and aesthetic in design, can be fitted to almost any motorcycle and lets you add our trailer to your motorcycle in seconds using the pin and your padlock to secure it to the bike. The hitch will fit right behind the back seat or sissy bar, so you can add our trailer or attachments standing upright with easy and without getting on your knees.


  The trailers have been tested at high speed and have proven to tow very stable, riding in the wind shadow of the motorcycle. The design shines especially when negotiating turns. The trailer follows the same listing angle as the bike with no fear of centrifugal forces like that of a two-wheel trailer.  Therefore fully preserving the freedom, and fun of riding your motorcycle. There are no worries about speed wobble, side drifts or load shifting and you will forget the trailer is even there.


Short on space? Don't worry, here's an idea. The Eaglemate trailer easily stores upright hanging on the wall out of the way, or anywhere else you can think to park the modest footprint of  2 sq ft. standing and 6 sq ft. resting on its integrated stand.


Greetings from...

The open road.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around and learn a little about our product, and we think you'll agree the  DOT approved Eaglemate motorcycle trailer is the most versatile motorcycle trailer on the market today with its open platform and plenty of tie down points.

   Its perfect for off road use, touring and adventure riding.  Not your thing? that's fine. The Eaglemate trailer can carry most anything else for you.  From groceries to your work tools and even your golf clubs or other sports gear.

Just imagine, thats what we did.

By HBL customs Ltd.

New wheels are here!!

We have decided on new wheels for your Eaglemate motorcycle trailer...and here they are.  Better fit,

Better finish. Enjoy!