Back in 2003 Dave Hoffmann, a mechanical engineer, machinist and shop owner started to develop his idea for a motorcycle trailer.  Conceived from the idea that he should be able to go out golfing with all his equipment, but not have to give up the sun and wind on his face from his motorcycle.  

  Six prototypes, extensive testing and using the principal of a lever, led to the perfect single wheel trailer. Just like a wheelbarrow it transfers the majority of the weight onto the tire and off the hitch and bike. Paired with the patented hitch system of his own design he recieved DOT certification and had a safe, eye catching product to take to market.  

  Eaglemate motorcycle trailers Ltd. was born and over the years Dave Hoffmann sold trailers to satisfied customers all through out the U.S.A and Canada as well as Europe and Australia.  Fast forward to early 2016 when  Eaglemate motorcycle trailers Ltd. was sold  to HBL customs Ltd. to continue his legacy of innovation and love of riding.


I have had my trailer now for 6 months. We have put over 10,000km in that time our longest trip was from Victoria to Prince Rupert, Fort St. James, Prince George, Penticton and home to Langley. We had with us our golf clubs, camping gear and everything else my wife wanted for vacation.

  I want you to know your trailer design was perfect. It handles the 90LB load with eze. I hardly knew it was behind us. I still got 300km out of 4 gallons of gas, not bad for a 650 Suzuki Burgman. The security armrest for my wife was a great idea, she felt more relaxed enjoyed the scenery and claimed it was our best holiday ever. Thanks for the memory, you will never have an unhappy customer wise enough to invest in an Eaglemate trailer.


Dave Whidden

Dyna sales & serice

Using the Eaglemate trailer was like not using a trailer at all. After planning to go on   motorcycle trip which would last a week I figured your single wheel trailer would be perfect for the trip. I could hardly tell there was something behind me as I rode through the rocky mountains to Alberta. The trailer is light and sturdy and held all the things we wanted to take with us. We had about 75LBS of luggage and a little cooler and it all fit very well.

  The trailer tracked perfectly on all the corners and was stable as I rode along at 140km average speed on the straight stretches. I love the fact that it was right behind me and didnt catch the wind at all. When I stopped anywhere overnight, It only took a couple of minutes to unhook and park it beside the bike if I wanted to, or I was able to stand it upright and secure it to a post where it took up about one square foot of space. While at the motorcycle rally I had at least 50 inquiries about the trailer and everyone took pictures and thought it was a great idea that seemed easy to use.



Cal Smith

Eaglemate trailers,

 This is the second summer that I have had the pleasure of touring with the Eaglemate trailer. It makes my V-star 1100 classic into a serious touring bike. Needless to say, wherever I go it draws a crowd of interested riders who want to know all about this unique trailer. So far I hae done two 10 day trips on the Eaglemate trailer. One was a solo trip but the other was with a passenger. It was no problem at all to carry enough clothing and camping gear for two. As others have remarked, the trailer tracks so well that I normally forget its behind me.  Gas consumption seems to be about the same as the trailer is riding in my wind shadow. One thing that I notice every time that I ride with the trailer is the increase in directional stability to my bike. I attribute that to the gyroscopic action of the wheel in combination with the hitch working as part of the bike.

  When it rains sometimes I stay in motels. I dont unload the trailer and simply wheel the loaded trailer through the door into the room and park it there for the night. No time is wasted  unloading the gear and carrying it into the room for the night.  Last week i traveled 1,000 miles each way to Eureka springs Arkansas for a rally. My total mileage for the trip was 2738 miles. We traveled the main highway at the posted speed limit of 70mph for two days there and three days back. My medium sized cruiser towed the Eaglemate trailer effortlessly up and down the mountains in 100 degree F heat. This coming Friday I will be loading the trailer once again with gear for two two other riders on my annual 850 mile trip around the north shore of lake superior from London to my home town of Thunder Bay the trip would not be possible without this wonderful trailer.

  I look forward to many years of service from my trusty Eaglemate and hope that more people who like to tour will come to realize the advantages of your unique design.

Chris Schmeizle

Im not good at writing testimonials but will give you some feed back.

  I took the trailer on two major trips so far and use it every week to transport my plane, wing and field accessories to the remote control flying field. It works really well and certainly makes the heads turn when stopping for coffee at Tim Hortons.  The quality and design are second to none and the hitch you made fit perfectly onto the 2004 Honda VTX 1300, requiring only longer bolts, and the wiring diagram was excellent and very useful for installation. 

  I did a trip of over 3700 Km to Yellowknife and around the NWT in June of 2006. The first 200 Km  of the trip was in heavy wind driven rain. It was on this part of the trip that I had my only bad experience of a wobble when meeting a loaded semi truck. My fault for not being ready for the changing 90-degree sheer effect of the wind and not getting fully to the right side of my lane when meeting him. Other than this its no different than riding with a passenger on the bike.  The trailer loaded was 291 Lbs for the total bike and trailer weight of 986 Lbs Trailer weight included: spare back tire, two fishing rods and tackle box, tent, sleeping bag and air mattress, golf clubs, two luggage bags and rubber boots.

  We did a second trip in August 2006 to Hope BC. This trip was 2710 Km in total, my son-in law traveled with me on an identical bike. Again the trip was uneventful other than a bear running out in front of me from the side brush. I was able to down shift two gears  without lock up and we missed the bear by about 5 ft. The trailer stayed in line and handled ery well through this situation.

  I am pleased to say that it is everything it is advertised to be. I recommend the trailer to anyone that wants extra space, particularly for touring but for all applications. You become very comfortable very quickly when pulling the trailer, in fact you dont notice it until you are traveling in city traffic and have to stop and go often. Thank you again for the well designed and well built trailer.

Peter Dyck

It rode GREAT, thanks!

 This trailer pulled so effortlessly I even got a speeding ticket on my way home. D'oh! Got lots of interest from folks who saw it and hopefully have sent some business your way. Thanks again for the wonderful product. Im pleased as punch.